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What is the perfect home size for you?

4 tips to help you decide on the perfect house size for you

If you’re searching for a new home, how much area you’ll need is likely weighing heavily on your mind. For starters, you’ll need to consider how your lifestyle and how you and your family will use a home, as well as your overall budget and associated maintenance costs, as you make your decision.

Keep reading as we walk through the key factors to evaluate as you decide on the perfect house size for you1 Get a reality check

1. Get a reality check

Before you even start looking at what the market has to offer, visualise what your needs are and what would be your ideal home. Think about it before seeing any properties so your vision is unaltered.
These are a few things to consider while doing the same:

  • a. How many bedrooms/bathrooms will you need?
  • b. Which is that one area or room where your family will spend most time in? How big or small does that room need to be?
  • c. Do you frequently have guests come over?
  • d. Do your kids need a dedicated study room? Or do you need a home office?
  • e. If its just you and your spouse are you planning on having kids in the near future? and how will that decision alter your needs?
  • f.  Do you like spending some peaceful time? Would having a balcony be important?

Be realistic and understanding about how your family uses a living space. Compromising on a few non-essential needs is fine but on necessary rooms/functionality will only lead to buyers remorse.

2 Maintaince cost, it is very important to understand it properly.

Maintenance costs are always increased with more area. Make sure that the property and the maintenance cost comes in your budget, sometimes people buy big properties without considering the maintenance cost and then it becomes very difficult for them to maintain it. Do consider your utilities–energy, water and gas–as you walk through various home sizes.

A larger home that’s outdated will also cost substantially more to renovate, as well. Additionally, you’ll spend more to furnish it, too so be smart but don’t be over smart thinking you can get a great deal on a run down property and can upscale it.

3 Check out properties in various sizes

If you’re in the market shopping for your first home, it’s likely that you won’t have a good pulse on exactly how big do you want or need the space to be. It really takes going around and seeing various homes in various sizes to get a good feel for say, 2500 square feet and the livable space that brings. Start with the minimum number of bedrooms you need, and then view homes in different sizes to land on the perfect fit for you.

A very important note to keep in mind, not all square footage is equal. Some properties use square footage very wisely, taking advantage of every available inch, while other homes don’t.

4 Consider dual-use rooms

Oftentimes, you can get multiple uses out of rooms, so consider this as you tour homes–especially if budget is a concern. Can the office double as a space to workout? Can your entertainment zone double as an area to store the kids’ toys? Make sure that you use the space to the fullest and that every room can be used in more than one way thus optimising the space.

We hope these tips were useful and will help you find the perfect home.

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